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I started out in 1995 after getting the “you’re an Administrative Assistant and you can’t possibly do that.” Well that was just waving a red cape in front of a bull. Let’s just say I have this tiny little thing about being told you can’t do that. So I took a few classes, read a great deal, and then set about practicing what was learned. And I keep learning.

I worked at Intel in Folsom, CA for a year doing website design and development, and learned one very important lesson…if it doesn’t add value don’t add it. Since then I have developed Lannen Designs into a full service website design and development company.

I believe in clean code, and clean and beautiful website design, and would love to assist you in creating the website that will present a professional appearance to your clients. In addition, with my organic search engine optimization skills (if these services are desired) I will work diligently to get you the appropriate rankings.

Just use my contact form for a free no-obligation website design estimate.

My Philosophy on Web Design and Development

Do what’s best for the client. Determine the most cost effective means of implementing a website. Don’t overcharge or oversell. Build a website that can grow without growing pains. Don’t sell a client on something that will just make money for me.

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