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Warm Colors

Warm colors in lighter or paler shades for your website convey warmth, a nurturing environment, brightness or a softness. Brighter or darker shades convey heat, passion or power. Selecting the

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Shades of Purple to Red

The various hues of purple and red can convey a variety of feelings. From hot to cold, passionate and power all the way to fun. What colors do you want

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Shades of Green

The color green used in color selection for your website typically conveys growth such a spring (trees sprouting leaves or grass growing), upward bound, and can also create the feeling

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Shades of Blue

Blue is the most commonly used color for corporate or business websites, especially medium to dark blues. Light blues are quite often fresh or clean looking and provide a calming

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Shades of Black to White

The various shades of black and gray are used as compliments or the primary color for a website or black is also used as the color for text on most

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Website Color Selection

The colors selected for your website are as important as the photography or images used. Good color selection helps convey a visual mood. If you have a website where visitors

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Website Color Table

The following table is not meant to be an all inclusive list of colors that can be used for website design. However it is a good start for selecting colors

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