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Conditional Statements

Profi Search Form and ACF

I’ve been working on a project for a while now. The site uses CPT (Custom Post Types UI), ACF (Advanced Custom Posts) and Profi Search Form. The entire project was

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ACF with Conditional Statements

I really like ACF (Advanced Custom Fields).  On a project that I work as a subcontractor a request for a testimonial to display on the right side of the primary

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Hamburger Menu Issue on Smart Devices

One of the things I’m hired to do is troubleshoot problems and then fix it.  Such a problem was happening on one site.  The hamburger menu worked fine on the

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Create a Page(s) of Posts by Category

Every now and then I have a client where they want to be able to have a Page or more than one Page that pulls in posts from a specific

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is_home and Display Intro Copy

Today I received a request to have a bit of intro copy within a WordPress website using the index.php that is the Page designated as the Posts page (is_home) under

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Slider Pro and a Custom Field

I had a client that needed to easily display different sliders on different pages.  Normally I’d just use conditional statements after all of the slides have been set up, but

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