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Legal Issues

If it’s on the Internet

Many people are under the impression that if it’s on the Internet they can take and use photos, images, content as much as they want with no ramifications. If you

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iStockphoto and Logos

First of all, I have to thank LOGODESIGNLOVE for the post regarding this significant issue. I could not in good faith recommend purchasing a logo from when they actually

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Copyright Violation

Well I found another company (LPH Internet Services) located in Laguna Beach, CA taking my content, and actually linking directly to it using my bandwidth. I am so not amused.

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Federal Copyright

Last December I filed for a Federal copyright for this website after another site literally stole the content from this site. They didn’t even bother to remove my business name

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Trademarks and Copyright

Well after finding out that someone was using my copyrighted material on their website this topic is timely. And yes, my website is copyrighted and a copyright is filed. So

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Contracts: Why you should have one

You should have a contract and detailed site specification done and signed by both the client and the designer/developer before any work is done. You need to know what you

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Maintenance Contracts

A maintenance contract is used to provide maintenance on your website. Not to create a new website.  Generally I do not use them as my clients realize that they will

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