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PHP Code Snippets

Gravity PDF Conditional Statement

I was working on a project as a subcontractor.  The task was to create a form to have a company’s subcontractors complete a resume using Gravity Forms and then have

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Using the Divi Builder

If you are a member of Elegant Themes you can use their Divi Builder plugin with your own themes.  However, you do need to use the following in your body’s

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WPTouch Pro and Custom Home Page

I get thrown challenges from a company I subcontract for, and their client wanted a specific layout just for the home page, and I really didn’t want to have to

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WPTouch Pro and Custom Page Templates

I was working on a mobile version of a website using WPTouch Pro which is usually pretty easy once you have created a few mobile versions using child themes.  But

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Slider Pro and a Custom Field

I had a client that needed to easily display different sliders on different pages.  Normally I’d just use conditional statements after all of the slides have been set up, but

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Display the Current Month and Date in a Select / Option Dropdown

I recently had to have the current month and day automatically selected for a reservations form. I had found code from a couple of websites that had to be modified

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