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Cruzan Rum Website Review

Several friends over at Facebook have commented and posted the link to the Cruzan Rum website. So I had to visit their site since it had been a couple of

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Website Search Engine Listing Scam

With the price of postage today I simply cannot understand why some companies feel the need to send out “annual website search engine listing” pretend invoices. Web Listings Inc. mailed

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SEO – Good Practices

First I will talk briefly about what not to do. Do not submit to 1000’s of search engines. There are only 3 that count, Google, Yahoo and MSN. All other

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SEO Mistakes

A big one, especially in Google’s mind, is having multiple websites with same content. Why do business waste time and money on having duplicate websites, but with different domain names?

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Don’t use these spamming techniques

I absolutely abhor SEO spamming techniques. It is unethical and does not work in the long term. Recently a website that I have been working on (not my client but

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SEO Tips

Register your domain name as long as you possibly can. Use appropriate search terms in the œtitle tag of images to appropriately describe the photo or image. Example: The website

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10 Signs That Your SEO Is a Quack

By Jill Whalen There are so many SEO/SEM firms cropping up that talk a good game but don’t deliver results. This is in part because there’s so much information that

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Search Engine Optimization – When to Start

The moment to start planning the œwhen and how your website will be found is before one line of code is written, a design is created, or even before you

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Finding them and/or finding you

You cannot just build a website and expect customers to find you. You do have to advertise. If you are only targeting local customers advertise in the local newspaper(s), join

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