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Is it time to get a mobile friendly website?

I have a few websites (accounts) in Google’s Webmaster Tools and have recently received notifications to “fix mobile usability issues”.

How to check if you website is mobile friendly.

Open up your favorite browser, go to your website or the website you need to check, and then reduce the size of the window.  Just grab the sides and drag them.  If your website is mobile friendly it will re-flow as the window space becomes smaller.  If it doesn’t then your website is not mobile friendly.

If your website is responsive then you shouldn’t need a separate mobile version.  If you have a WordPress site then installing a plugin such as WPtouch can help.

If you have a website that is not mobile friendly and require assistance to make it friendly, please contact me.



  1. Google has changed the whole scenario of search process by putting the mobile results separate from desktop results. As people are more prone to phones for their internet surfing, a mobile friendly website design is more important.

    • I had to update your comment to remove the link to your website. Sorry.

  2. Thank you for your valuable and easy tips.If I have a site which is good in all ways but not mobile responsive, then what google would do with my site? Would google turn it down in SERP?

    • They’ll still index your website and just not include “mobile friendly” in the results. Eventually mobile friendly websites will be given priority listing.

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