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Real Estate and WordPress

While conducting research for a tentative project I found a fair amount of information on plug-ins and existing premium themes for WordPress.

What is WordPress? WordPress is an easy to use content management system (CMS) that makes it perfect for many different types of websites.  Plus, it can save you money on maintenance as it’s easy to log in and make the changes yourself.

Please note that some of the following plug-ins may have very specific requirements (MySQL, PHP and what hosting companies the plug-in doesn’t work).


The following plug-ins are specific to real estate and there are other plug-ins that will enhance a real estate website (property photos, search engine optimization, etc.).

A general search on for real estate, IDX, RETS, or MLS returns even more plug-ins (some of the results are not relevant to real estate).

The following plug-ins pull in listings from MLS or IDX and your MLS will need to be supported by the plug-in.

WordPress Themes for Real Estate

Any existing WordPress theme, or you can have a custom theme created based on dictated corporate design, can be used for real estate, and quite frankly the design should reflect your business identity.

The following are premium themes aka not free, but considering the cost it is certainly less expensive than a custom theme.  However, please remember that any of the themes can be customized to reflect your preferences.

If you’re interested in learning how I can set your real estate website using WordPress then please contact me to get started.

  1. We are looking at your pre-built themes to purchase and wanted to know if there any other expenses such as a an annual key that is required to connect to the flex-mls vendor.


    • Hi Dave,

      I haven’t been selling any of my themes. The themes I do have need to be made responsive, and I haven’t had the time to do it.

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