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Review of Agent Web

This is not an all encompassing review of Agent Web.  I am only going to touch on a few very important issues.

  • The websites using their templates are NOT responsive aka mobile friendly nor do they have a separate mobile site. Today is is extremely important to have a mobile friendly website.  I have seen the difference in the SERPs when switching to a mobile friendly theme.
  • The content on the landing pages are the same for all of their client’s websites.  A huge no-no.
  • SEO sucks.  Do you know how many cities in different states that have the same name?  There are 5 cities in the USA that are named Detroit. Ifif you are in a highly competitive market you are against many of your competitors.
  • They say the sites are search engine optimized, but I certainly do not see anything the validates that statement, and I checked several of their customers websites.
  • The sites are pretty much just tables (tables should ONLY be used for tabular data).
  • Their “lead generating” is just forms.  Nothing special there.
Agent WebMonthly CostAnnual CostCost over 4 Years
Custom SiteDesign and Custom Theme
(one time cost and mobile friendly)
Hosting (annual)Cost over 4 Years

If you are interested in switching to WordPress just contact me. I’d be more than happy to help you get the website you deserve for your business.


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