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3D Drawings/Renderings

iStock_000017749353XSmallThe architectural firm responsible for the project design (and approved design) should be able to provide you with 3D drawings. If the firm is also ding the interior of the project those drawings can be incorporated/used.

If you prefer to convert existing photographs to 3D images there are several different software applications available from free to expensive.

CAD drawings can also be embedded in a PDF.

And in my opinion unless the project is in the development phase or a property is undergoing a major overhaul only architectural drawings provided by the architect should be used. The drawings are accurate and detailed. If you do use in-house or drawings from a non-architectural business they should be clearly identified as such. Otherwise you should always use photographs.

DWG or DWF files (AutoCad) can be imported into Photoshop using software that is available. A source for software aimed at architecture students is here.

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