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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If anyone tells you that they can guarantee you top placement in all search engines, look elsewhere fast. None of the SEO service firms own Google, Yahoo, MSN or other search engines and not one legitimate SEO company or firm can guarantee you top listing.  I written a few blog posts on SEO, please head over and read them.

If appropriate keyword phrasing in your copy (the written part of your web site) is extremely important to your business and are willing to pay for it (it is not inexpensive) then I can rewrite your content to make it more friendly but will NOT guarantee that your site will get ahead of your competitor.

What can cause your website to be unfriendly to the search engine spiders:

  • Poor to very badly written HTML code
  • Excessive use of tables to format pages
  • No text on your page (it is just graphics or Flash)
  • Not enough text on your website
  • No META tags or the META tags are for another company (believe it or not but I have seen this happen). Google and Bing do not look at META keyword tags, but at least one of the other search engines does(Yahoo), but you really should know or learn what search engine is driving traffic to your website.

Search engine optimization is not a one time thing it is an ongoing process. The search engines are always changing the algorithms they use and can affect your page position in the results. They really want to see new content.

A really stupid trend I’ve seen is when a website owner decides to have a new design done, and they take the website down. Any SEO juice you had is gone. Keep the website up and running even if it is butt ugly.

Organic Method

Your home page needs to be rich in keyword phrases, but at the same time if you should not try to fool the search engine spiders by including keywords as they would appear in a META keyword tag at the bottom of each page. The term used for this is Keyword Stuffing and is unethical, and can get you dropped by the search engines.

GoogleTM has an excellent overview of Search Engine Optimizers.

I highly discourage having just a Flash intro as the home page. The spiders will most likely not index it, and customers will be not able to find you by searching. The spiders of some search engines cannot read the text or information displayed in Flash. There is nothing wrong with having a small Flash file on the home page, but there should be keyword or keyword phrase rich information in the copy.

Non-Organic Method

An non-organic way, instead if waiting for and hoping the search engines will quickly display your site, is to use PPC (pay-per-click). Google, Overture and other search engines offer these services for a fee.

Page Rank

To be honest this really doesn’t mean all that much and at one time is was so important. There is a good article explaining how Google ranks a site can be found here.

It is important to remember not to join link farms, and to be careful about who you want to provide a reciprocal link to you, and vice versa. If the links are completely unrelated to your business or location they are literally useless, and may do you more harm than good.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I charge a $200 preliminary consultation fee. The fee includes determining preliminary keywords and keyword phrases based on your business and location, your current content will be reviewed, site rankings on the major search engines, determining your current page rank, and producing a report.

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