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Website Packages

Current Website Packages

Existing Theme with Customization
Price starts at $1,500.00 with a maximum of 10 pages. Additional pages are $10 dollars each.

Custom Design and Theme
Price starts at $2,400.00 with a maximum of 10 pages. Additional pages are $10 dollars each.

E-commerce Addition
Adding e-commerce starts at $25 per product
Plus, any cost for 3rd party enhancements (plugins, etc.) and you will be only charged for the actual cost to purchase.

Other items that can or will affect cost.

The following are some of the most common items that go into web design and site development.

  • hosting
  • domain registration
  • domain transfer
  • forms
  • content revisions
  • custom logo design
  • placement of additional images or photos
  • creation of gallery pages for photos
  • photo scanning or digital photography
  • copy editing/writing
  • custom scripting
  • SSL certificate
  • shopping carts
  • e-commerce
  • blogs
  • content management systems (CMS)
  • bulletin boards
  • database design and/or integration
  • Flash/animation – I highly recommend not using Flash as Apple products do not support Flash
  • multimedia integration
  • newsletters
  • email subscriptions
  • mailing lists
  • licensing fees for artwork (royalty free or rights managed)
  • software requested by the client or required for the website

Important Note: It is possible that your current budget will not allow for all of the bells and whistles. However, if I know what the final outcome of the website is it can be planned for and when you have the additional funds those items can be easily incorporated. Your website can be developed in phases based on your budget.

My Thoughts on E-commerce:
To me it is always less costly in the long term to have your own website selling your products versus affiliating with a website that sells products from a wide variety of merchants. By having your own website it builds your business identity and help you build a close customer relationship.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is a separate quote due to the research and preparation required, and if you want an ongoing monthly reports and SEO maintenance (1 hour minimum per month).

For more information on SEO and you can read more about my thoughts on SEO here.

Not sure what you need? Then please contact me.

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