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WordPress – Of Course!

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbI love WordPress and first began working with it in 2005. For several years I have been creating client websites using WordPress not as a blogging platform, but as a content management system (CMS), including work as a subcontractor. Quite frankly I cannot understand why anyone would not want to take control of their own website, and WordPress makes it so easy.

Personally, I prefer to create custom themes, but at the same time have no problem using an existing theme and customizing it. It just depends on the client’s budget. If you have an existing design that you just love a theme can be created and no one will notice the difference.

What I particularly love about WordPress is that the content is completely separate from the design. All of the content is stored within a database so if you want a new design only a theme has to be created. The new theme (design) is uploaded, activated and voila! A new look. It isn’t that easy with a static site that needs a new design. Besides the new design you have to manually transfer all of the content. So essentially you’re paying for a new site just as if it were being created from scratch.

WordPress is great and easy to optimize for search engines, social media becomes a snap and that includes maintaining the site.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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