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Website Color Selection

iStock_000018439677XSmallThe colors selected for your website are as important as the photography or images used. Good color selection helps convey a visual mood. If you have a website where visitors might be someone looking for information on how to remove stress their life you wouldn’t want to use a lot of bold colors, but using bold colors for accents or headers would be perfectly fine.

At one time colors were limited to the web safe palette of approximately 256 colors. That hasn’t been true for years. Let’s just say that if you want a certain color you can have it.

Also important is color contrast for your website between the text and the background. If you have a dark background you will need to have the text color light enough so that it can be easily read and dark enough for a light colored background. And the font is large enough and there is sufficient line spacing.

Color Table
Black to White
Shades of Blue
Shades of Green
Shades of Purple to Red
Warm Colors

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